Why do we need a property stylist?

Research tells us that professionally styled homes are more likely to attract perspective buyers. Home staged properties sell for more and in less time than cluttered or empty properties.

We take the stress and emotion away from you and give you the advice, guidance and expertise to enhance the value of your property.

What do you do?

LA will create more space by helping or giving advice on De-cluttering and rearrangement of furniture. We will add value by styling, and supplying furniture. This will include art, display items, soft furnishings, lamps, rugs and display of fresh flowers.

LA can also organise other tradespeople if needed.

Where do we start?

LA will set up an appointment to meet and view the property, where we will discuss with you the appropriate furniture needed. Then we will create the quote. This consultation will take about an hour and includes a walk through to establish what needs to be done to enhance the property.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the property, size and layout. We will give you quote after the first consultation.

How long does the staging stay in for?

LA staging package last for four weeks. This gives you a week for photography and marketing, while the rest are for open homes. If you do need to extend the time this is on a weekly basis.

What if my house sells quickly and I only need staging or a few weeks, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no – as you can understand all our setup and styling costs remain the same if the property is staged for two weeks or for four.

Can I use my existing furniture?

Generally, LA provides full staging service. However, if you have furniture in the house or are still living in the house we can provide partial staging solution.

Can I purchase the furniture?

Yes, LA are constantly updating and innovating our design styles, most of the items in home staging can be sold to you or your buyers.

Can we visit your showroom and select the furniture for our home stage?

No, LA Design provides a complete service from design to installation. However, at consultation stage, we are pleased to listen to your ideas. The success of what we do is dependant on our creativity and experience.

Are you Insured?

LA Design has full insurance including public liability.